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Parade Route and Road Closures

Parade Lineup

Blue arrows=Staging area ROAD CLOSED 8 AM-1 PM

Yellow Arrows=Parade Route 200 S CLOSED 11 AM-1 PM, 50 N CLOSED 11 AM-1 PM

Parade Map 2023_edited.jpg

Parade Entry Staging Area Map

2024 Parade Staging Area SRH.jpg

Parade Entry Information:


Our parade will begin at 11 AM sharp on Saturday, March 16. The parade will move with precision and grace east on 200 S, turn left on Rio Grande and triumphantly pass through the joyous Siamsa celebration that will engulf the Gateway Mall.



All entrants will align for procession on 600 W between 200 S and 100 S or by entering South Dansey Street West of 600 W to access the U shaped Dansey Street/100 S.


All entries must arrive and check in with Parade Marshals at the intersection of 600 W and 100 S between 8:30 AM and 10:15 AM.


Note, all traffic in staging area will flow in one direction. Plan to approach the staging area on 600 W from the NORTH (access on North Temple). As you approach the staging area, police officers and parade marshals will direct you to your appointed staging area. Please review the map and familiarize yourself and your group with where you will be located.


Our staging area is much smaller this year so help our marshals by moving up into position if all entries in front of you have arrived. Make sure a driver is available to move your entry if necessary to accommodate getting other entries into position.


Entry Instructions: 

·       Go Slow!  It’s a short route, enjoy it.

  • EVERYONE exits parade route at 50 N and Rio Grande.  You can exit either right or left.  Decide before the parade which way you want to exit

  • NO STOPPING on 50 N

  • Entries walking parade route can split off at the Parade Exit and head to back to Siamsa by either walking up to 400 W and through pedestrian access north of Rio Grande Depot or walking to 500 W and back to entrance at 100 S.

  • ALL VEHICLES MUST KEEP MOVING through the Parade Exit.

  • Make an Exit Plan before Parade starts 

  • Know beforehand which way is best way back to Siamsa for you

  • Without impeding traffic, vehicles should either pull over and park to unload passengers on 400 W or on 500 W or back on 100 S between 500 W and 600 W

  • Numbers must be clearly displayed on the FRONT RIGHT of every Entry

  • Parade starts at 11 AM sharp, be prepared to move out on time

  • No handouts on Parade Route (flyers, throwing candy, giveaways) 

  • Stay in the middle of the street while on the Parade Route

  • No stopping at RED lights while on the Parade Route

  • Entries need to minimize gaps while on the Parade Route, stay within 30 ft of the Entry in front of you

Restaurants at the Gateway

The restaurants at the Gateway are happy to be hosting the Irish and you can find a wide variety of cuisine at 17 different restaurants on the property.  Here is a directory to all of the Gateway restaurants:

The Official After Party!

The Hibernian Society is proud to announce that Flanker has partnered with us to keep the party going!!  In addition to offering great Irish inspired specials all day, Flanker has brought in some great Irish entertainment so that when we end at 5 PM, you don't have to go home!!  You can just go on upstairs (Flanker is located directly above our indoor Siamsa at the Gateway!)  Details below.

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