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46th Annual St. Patrick's Day Siamsa (Celtic Festival) on March 16th, 2024
Physical check Payment:   The Hibernian Society of Utah - PO Box 9389, Salt Lake City Utah 84109
Application Deadline in March 7th 2024



  • The Siamsa takes place from 11 am to 5 pm at The Gateway, 16 North Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City UT 84101 

  • Unloading and Set up starts at 7:30 AM – 10:00AM (we need all cars/delivery vehicles moved by 10AM)  The Rio Grande Street closes at 10:00AM


  • This is a rain or shine event; no refunds will be offered.   In the event of rain or snow, we will make adjustments the morning of the event to re-locate as many vendors as possible to an indoor area.

  • Individual booth size will be approximately 10 feet X 10 feet.

  • Vendors requiring more space, due to selling space, prep space, or parking space, (for trailers, etc.) will be required to purchase extra booths.

  • Farmers are defined as those people who grow and sell fresh produce or plants that are NOT subject to collecting and remitting sales tax to the Utah State Tax Commission.

  • Farmers who grow produce or plants that are value enhanced by decorative containers or by further processing (salsas, jams, jellies, cheeses, butters, etc.) are subject to sales tax collection.

  • Only the vendor, family members and/or employees will be permitted to sell from your stall.



  • All vendors must be in place by 10 AM on event day!   If you have an emergency and cannot attend the event, please notify Jaret Gibson by 9 AM 801-755-8458



  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold at the 2024 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Siamsa.  The Hibernian Society of Utah reserves the right to sell all alcoholic beverages at the 2024 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Siamsa, unless otherwise approved by The Hibernian Society of Utah.



  • The Gateway has a very limited amount of power sources.  If you booth requires power, the use of generators is the most reliable method.

  • If you use a generator, it needs to be a quiet mode during the event.

  • ALL structures must be secure enough to withstand sustained winds of 50 MPH, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Anchors of 50 lbs. per leg are needed.

  • You will not be allowed to set up your booth structure if you do not meet these requirements.



  • All vendors are required to clean up and carry out all garbage in their stall away from the premises at end of the event.  Do not use the portable toilet provided.  Any vendor caught disposing of any trash in the portable toilet will be subject to the fines levied by the portable toilet company.

  • Used cooking oil must not be disposed of on The Gateway property


 TAX – please refer to the Utah Special Event Tax guidelines listed in the weblink below – vendors are responsible for following the States rules and regulations.


  • All vendors are required to submit proof of Insurance with their application.
    All vendors, except for farmers that sell only freshly grown produce and/or plants grown by them are subject to collecting sales tax from their customers and remitting the sales tax to the Utah State Tax Commission. This is accomplished through a Special Event Sales Tax Form; you cannot remit these taxes on your usual form.

  • All required sales tax collection and remittance is the sole responsibility of each individual vendor.



  • Prepared food vendors must carry the proper permits from the Salt Lake County Health Department and meet fire department regulations.


  • Food vendors preparing or sampling on site are required to have a Food Handler’s Permit and a Temporary Food Service Permit for Seasonal Events.

  • You must display both permits in your booth or you will not be allowed to sell food prepared or sampling on site.

  • We reserve the right to move or reassign vendor locations to facilitate food safety as deemed necessary.


The Hibernian Society of Utah will not be held liable for any injury, theft, or damages of any kind, before, during or after the event.  The vendor, presenter, applicant, will hold The Hibernian Society of Utah and/or any of its representatives harmless for and against any and all claims.  By signing this application, you agree that you have completely read, understand, and will follow all the Rules & Regulations of The Hibernian Society of Utah 2024 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Siamsa. 

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